• Projektor EIKI LC-HDT1000

Symbol: LC-HDT1000
Kontrast 3000:1
Rozdzielczość natywna (px) 2048 x 1080
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2K 2048x1080, LCD, 10000 ANSI LM, 3000:1, 2000/3000h (eco), DVI-D, D-Sub 15pin, HDMI, 5BNC, S-Video, 2xRS232 in&out, RJ45 LAN, LEN
SHIFT, 2 lampy, 27,6 kg, Picture in Picture, Picture by Picture, wymienne obiektywy, możliwość konfiguracji portów wejściowych,

he EIKI LC-HDT1000 breaks the High Definition brightness barrier. Here's auditorium brightness in 2K HD, without the need for 240V AC. Sophisticated color reproduction and a stunning contrast ratio combine with lens and input versatility to make this a remarkable transportable.

Key Features

  • 10,000 ANSI lumens bright, with 90% uniformity and a 3000:1 contrast ratio.
  • Native 2K resolution. Compatible with inputs up-to UXGA and WUXGA.
  • Supports analog and digital video input in all color standards up-to 2K*.
  • 3LCD+One imaging system delivers more sophisticated color.
  • 10-bit color processing, for superior color reproduction.
  • Supplied without lens. Range of power zoom and focus lenses available.
  • Bi-directional vertical & horizontal power lens shift and keystone correction.
  • Accepts composite, component, and S-Video in all major standards.
  • DVI-D (with HDCP) and HDMI® inputs support digital computer and video.
  • Built-in wired LAN connection for projector monitoring and control.
  • Self-advancing cartridge air filter reduces maintenance.
  • Picture-in-Picture, Picture-by-Picture, and Edge Blending functions.
  • Mechanical shutter for true black screen in "No Show" mode.
  • Optional Dual-Link SDI Input Module supports 2K input.
  • 3 year projector warranty.
* Note: 2K may display via the built-in DVI-D or HDMI inputs, however
2K is fully supported only via the optional Dual-Link SDI Input Module.

Included Accessories: Quick Start Guide, Owner's Manual on CD-ROM, Network Software on CD-ROM, Color Management Software on CD-ROM, Power Cord, Lens Attachment, Lens Spacer x 3, Lens Light Block Plates x 3, Lens Mount Cover Strap, Mounting Clamp, VGA Computer Input Cable (Dsub15 to Dsub15), Wireless/Wired Remote Control (with 2 AAA Batteries), Wired Remote Cable (MiniStereo-MiniStereo).

Optional Accessories: Replacement Lamps, Wideangle, Midrange and Telephoto Lenses, Replacement Cartridge Air Filter, DVI-D & Dsub15 Input Module, 5BNC Input Module, Dual-SDI Input Module, Dual-Link SDI Input Module, ATA-Style Shipping Case with Wheels and Telescoping Handle, Ceiling Mount, Ceiling Post & Plate.

Display Technology 3LCD+One
Brightness (ANSI) 10,000 lumens
Native Resolution 2K (2048x1080)
Max. Computer Input WUXGA
Max. Video Input 2K
Contrast Ratio 3000:1
Panel Size 1.64" (inorganic)
Lens Type (Throw:Width) Supplied without lens
Power Lens Shift U/D 50%; L/R 10%
Keystone Correction U/D 30º; L/R 30º
Inputs Dsub15 x 1; DVI-D (w/ HDCP) x 1; HDMI® x 1; BNC x 5; S-Video x 1;
Empty module bay x 2
Outputs -
Sound System -
Network Control Wired LAN monitor & control
Warranty 3 years
Lamp Life Up to 3,000 hours per lamp
Lamp Part # 610 351 5939 x 2
Fan Noise As low as 39 dBa
Air Filter Cartridge Filter (11,000 hours)
Maximum Pitch Up to 360º
Weight 60.85 lb (27.6 kg)
Ceiling Mount Part # 0173-4325